Key Stakeholders Uphold ANLCA New BOT  Chairman , Pledges Support.

Major stakeholders of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Clearing Agents (ANLCA)  have affirmed their confidence  and pledged their loyalty to Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha as Chairman of the Association’s Board of Trustees (BOT).
Reacting to statements issued by one Chief Peter Chike Obi attempting to discourage zonal and chapter leaderships of ANLCA from their loyalty to the new BOT Chairman, key leaders of the Association who spoke with reporters earlier  insisted that there is no legitimate challenge to the authority of Alhaji Mustapha as BOT Chairman.
Chief Obi had, in a chat with the media urged Zonal and Chapter leaders of ANLCA not to recognize Alhaji Mustapha as Chairman of the Association’s BOT.
The new ANLCA BOT Chairman, reacting to the statement, said Chief Obi is a controversial figure who is no longer a member of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents and can neither have a say in its affairs nor be in any position to delay any legitimately elected officer from taking office and performing his duties.
“Chief Peter Obi is a persona non grata in ANLCA, because he has joined a parallel association called IFFA. His case was discussed in one of our NEC meeting in porthacourt last year, and he pleaded for leniency as against the position of most members who wanted him excomunicated from ANLCA. So in view of that, i enjoined all members of the public, particularly the maritime community to disregard, discountenance and ignore him. Obi is a jester who craves for attention  like an orphan. His case would be decided very soon to put him to where he belongs in the committee of his felow challatans.” Alhaji Mustapha said.
Secretary of the BOT, Prince Taiye Oyeniyi; Zonal Co-ordinator of the Association, West, Chief John Ofobike; Chairman of the Apapa Chapter, Chief Obokun Olumide and Chairman of the Tin Can Island Chapter, Chief Segun Oduntan unanimously insisted that Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha is the only legitimate Chairman of the ANLCA BOT.
Insisting that Chief Obi is a controversial figure even in his home town and has since left ANLCA for the International Freight Forwarders (IFFA), they confirmed that Obi is now looking for relevance by trying to sow seeds of discord in ANLCA. They therefore urged all Customs Licensed agents to ignore his antics.
Secretary of the BOT, Prince Taiwo Oyeniyi and Chief Segun Oduntan, Chairman of the Tin Can Island Chapter of ANLCA said there is no such directive from the leadership of the Association asking members to ignore the new BOT Chairman adding that any claim to the contrary is a lie.
Chief Obokun Olumide, Chairman, Apapa Chapter of ANLCA insisted that Chief Obi left ANLCA as a rebel and so cannot speak for the Association and affirmed Alhaji Mustapha’s credibility and leadership credentials.
 “Who is Obi? He is a rebel who left ANLCA and so is not recognized here for anything. Whatever he is doing is just for his own ego” he said.
They, therefore, urged all zonal and chapter leaders of the Association to maintain their loyalty and continue to report to the entire leadership of the leading union of licensed customs agents in the country.
They restated that following a three-month transition period and a proper inauguration of the new BOT at the expiration of the tenure of Chief Njoku after 10 years on the saddle, Alhaji Mustapha and the new team has taken charge and are already performing the duties of their new office. “Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha is the only Chairman of the ANLCA BOT known and acceptable by bonafide members of the Association” Prince Oyeniyi said.
They also insisted that the tenure of the former BOT Chairman, Chief Henry Njoku ended with the election of Mustapha who won his position after an election which followed all due process.
According to them there is absolutely no crisis in ANLCA and definitely no legitimate challenge over the leadership and constitution of the Board of Trustees.


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