Prince Olayiwola Shittu Is My Mentor – Comrade Goddy Sewa

Comrade Sewa Soleji

Can we meet you sir?

My name is Comrade Gooddy Sewa Soleji, the Chairman of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) KLT chapter, am a Customs Broker , the Managing Director of Omaa Investment Ltd.
I started the leadership of ANLCA from the grassroots as Task Force Member from there to Vice chairman taskforce to chairman taskforce, from there to PRO, two times PRO, then Treasurer, before I became the chairman, all in this same chapter.

Q What have you been able to achieve since you took over the Chairmanship of KLT chapter?

God has really been with us, He has taken us thus far and still taking us to other places. We have achieved a lot for the chapter and for the association and we are still hoping to achieve more.

Q We heard that you are a welfarist to your members and even at National level, what inspired you to do that?

Assisting humanity, working to assist others is based on the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and as a/Comrade you must see to peoples needs, affect people positively, because there are a lot of people around that needs your support, you know all fingers are not equal, so it’s good to see how you can support the less privilege even people that are doing well from time to time, if you have the grace you reach out to them . So the word of God is what inspired me.

Prince Olayiwola Shittu with the CG of Customs

Q Who is Prince Olayiwola Shittu to you?

Prince Olayiwola Shittu (JP) is my mentor, a great man, he is a true leader, a Selfless, committed, very brilliant and intelligent leader. He is a leader that inspires his followers, a detribalized leader that does not look down on anyone. A leader that carries everyone along, his wisdom of leadership we all emulate.
He thought us, groom us and brought us up. I, particularly, am one of his boys and I will continue to be loyal to him, reason because of his achievements.
Under his administration, I and other of my colleagues, we achieved a lot and we also excel due to the way he lectured us from time to time. He exposed us to the world, in the maritime industry he made it possible for us to travel out for workshops, seminars even within Nigeria here all over the states we engaged in so many trainings and workshops .
As a matter of fact it was during his administration that I made my first trip out of Nigeria , so you can see where am coming from, am proud of him.
Operationally when you talk about Tariff and classification he is there, he advises us to do the right things, he is fair to people and very generous. He has affected so many lives with a lot of testimonies here and there. Like I said, he is not a tribalized man, he accommodates all tribes Igbos,Yorubas and Hausas etc without sentiments. He treats everyone equally and you will agree with me that under his leadership ANLCA was transformed. He brought ANLCA this far and it is my prayer that the new President will take it higher because the shoe Prince Olayiwola Shittu left behind is very big, so we pray God to give our new President the wisdom to run the association and achieve just like he has started so that by the time he completes his own tenure we will have testimonies as well.

Q What can you say about his Leadership style?

Like I said earlier, Shittu has done very well but nobody is perfect. You can’t always get it right all round, but considering his achievements, what he has done for the association, I give it to him, he can not get 100%, but the score is well appreciable.

ANLCA secretariat built and commissioned during Prince Shittu tenure as the President

Challenges encountered since resumption of office as the chapter chairman?

The issue of gridlock on the road is our major challenge though no longer a news.
Also non availability of vessels, you know vessels are not berthing here, containers are not been sent here. We go extra miles to stem containers here. To transfer containers here is very stressful. In the ports before you can bring the containers, the controller there may say he’s not going to sing your transfers , a legitimate transaction, those are some of the challenges.
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