Shittu is a Father to all -Prince Bakare




Alhaji Bakare

Tell us who you are ?

My name is Alhaji (Prince) Bolaji Bakare , a retired officer of Nigeria Customs Service. The Manager of Skelas (Western zone) with 15 technical staff strength.
I met Alhaji (Prince) Olayiwola Shittu when I was Personal Assistant to Controller Adeniyi at Onne Command, they were more of a family friend. We were so close that he do give us advice and his full support. That’s how I got to be close to him and it continued even when I left Onne to Apapa . When it was getting close to my retirement period Shittu called me that he will like me to join his company once I retire.
When you are dealing with someone the first thing is to study that person, I study this man Shittu and I realize he is someone you can not regret associating yourself with.
He owe you respect and dignity with highest esteem, it is not about money, because money is not everything in life. When he asked me to join him I didn’t hesitate, I already knew him to be a straight forward person .He does not doubt you when dealing with him until you prove yourself. He is a father, what I mean by the word father is that he will advise you, he will put you through, he doesn’t take decisions alone he allows for others input, that is why he achieved what he has today.
I have been working with him now for over five years.

Since you join his company for close to 6 years now, what would you say has been your own contribution towards moving his company forward?

Prince Olayiwola Shittu

Through my advice where is needed, whenever there is job on ground, I make sure I give it proper monitoring so as not to disappoint our customers.
You know time is of paramount important in this our profession, like I do say ‘Time is money and money is time`. With my experience back in the Customs Service delay can be dangerous. What you ought to do on a Friday if postponed till Monday something else might crop up, meanwhile you have involve yourself. So I always advise and see to prompt delivery of services.

Prince Olayiwola Shittu and former CG of Customs

Generally, how would you rate his behavior to his staff?

He is a father to all, if any staff misbehave, he call him or her to order with words of advice like in a family setting .He forgives easily, he encourages the staff by way of supports, both morally and financially .
A very generous man to the call.

In few days time he will be 68years, that means in two years time he will be 70years old,. As his manager, what kind of advice would you give him if he decides to retire from active service and seeks your opinion?

Alhaji Bakare

Actually, he has been saying something like that, but I don’t encourage him. I can only say OK, for hearing sake, but not to encourage him and I will advise him to be alternating his days at work, like one or two days at work and same at home.
That is what has been helping me too. Why forcing yourself to retirement when God has not retired you.


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