No Association Must Be Bigger Than CRFFN…..Bello Tasks Governing Board



The Executive Secretary, Nigerian Shippers Council(NSC),Barrister Hassan Bello has tasked the newly inaugurated board members of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) to ensure effective regulation of practitioners in the sub sector,stating that no group or individuals must be bigger than the Council.

Blunt about issues affecting the five registered associations under the Council,Bello told members of the board who visited the port economic regulatory head office on Wednesday in Lagos, that CRFFN can only succeed when its in total control of its regulatory mandates.

The CRFFN since its establishment in 2007 has suffered series of setbacks following disagreement among the various accredited associations under it.

The Executive Secretary however beckoned on the new council members to correct the anomalies in the freight forwarding subsector especially as it has to do with dominance of the regulator by the various freight forwarding groups.

He stated that the irregularity has led to stunted growth of the freight forwarding industry as well as lack of structure.

He said, “You have to make a difference; in your profession, there are lots of distortions, issues that have stunted the growth of freight forwarding in Nigeria. It is time for you now to come and clean it up and put things right where necessary.

“It is a hard task because hitherto there has been associations that have acted above the control of the regulator and this should be reversed, it should be the other way round. You have to recognise these associations but you also have to stamp your aurhority.

“It is the CRFFN that has the authority statutorily, legally, administratively and not the other way round,” Bello stated.

Speaking further, he maintained that training is very essential for the growth and survival of the industry hence enjoining the Council members to organise trainings for the freight forwarders.

He added that without adequate training, it becomes easy for foreigners to dominate the industry.

According to him, Nigerian practitioners have been pushed out of freight forwarding business ,because there is no training which he said prompted the establishment of CRFFN to bridge the gap.

Earlier, Chairman of governing council,CRFFN, Alhaji Tsanni Abubakar noted that the Council would seek the support and collaboration of the economic port regulator in addressing challenges faced by freight forwarding practitioners.

Tsanni stated that the role CRFFN and Shippers Council are interwoven adding that with effective collaboration by both agencies can address challenged by the freight forwarding sub sector.

The chairman further urged the federal government to expedite actions by passing into law the National Transport Commission (NTC) bill to enhance the Council mandates in the logistics chain businesses.

On the disagreement by the registered associations under CRFFN,he noted that the issues affecting freight forwarding practice would be address under the new governing council executives.

Also speaking a Governing Board executive of the Council,


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