WIMA Nigeria Partners Africa Creative Hub In Celebrating Global Recycling Day


The Women In Maritime Africa (WIMA), Nigeria chapter has come together with Africa Creative Hub to celebrates this year Global Recycling Day.
The Global Recycling Day which was created in 2018 to help recognise and celebrate, the importance recycling plays in preserving the precious primary resources and securing the future of the planet.

The theme for this year 2019 Global Recycling Day is tagged  “Recycling into the Future” with stakeholders  laying  emphasis on innovative and sustainable recycling of wastes to protect earth’s finite resources.

The event which was held at the All Souls’ Church School, Ibadan on Monday have the  primary school pupils  of the school been led through creative and interactive waste recycling lessons.

Speaking at the event, Hajia Bola Muse, President Women in Maritime Africa (WIMA), Nigeria chapter said that the theme for the year focused  on educating children on  innovative and creative ways to recycle waste in other to provide a sustainable and better environment. 

She said:”It is all too easy to take the world’s natural resources for granted, but they will run out eventually if we do not reverse the trend. To truly harness the power of recycling, we must come together to find the most innovative solutions and ensure we use these to engage young people across the globe.   
“The youths of today are our future and we must ensure we use these creative and innovative ways to engage our future generations. , it is therefore imperative for us to ensure they develop a “resource, not waste” mindset in order to look forward to a sustainable future.  

Global Recycling Day will help achieve this through driving awareness, sparking debates and helping develop solutions to protect and not waste our finite resources .” she quipped 
Muse also added that innovative and creative waste guarantees a new path for a sustainable and effective waste management in the country.
In her speech, the CEO Africa Creative Hub,Mrs Jumoke Olowokere called for more concerted efforts of stakeholders and communities to reduce, reuse and recycle wastes in order to make positive impacts on the environment.  
 Olowokere is of the opinion that innovative recycling creates avenues for businesses, art and recreation for both young and old. 

“Without recycling, all our used and discarded waste materials will become a mountain of wastes, contributing to environmental hazards. “Used materials can be recycled into new products and consequently reduce the need to consume our finite natural resources.
“Recycling helps conserve important raw materials and also create business opportunities for many, it  impact positively on public health, economy and social wellbeing of the people”. She said


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