Promotion Galore : Nigeria Customs Service Zone ‘A’ Decorates 13 Comptroller’s, Others.


The Nigeria Customs Service Zone ‘A’ on Tuesday  decorated its newly promoted officers into different ranks and files.

The zone has 13 Comptrollers, 45 Deputy Comptroller’s, 50 Assistance Comptroller’s in its list of decorated officers.

Speaking at the decoration ceremony, the Assistant Controller General  in charge of the Zone, ACG Kaycee Okekezie, advised the newly promoted officers to work tirelessly and bring professionalism to bear in all aspects of their operations. 

While expressing her joy with the promotion which  means more work for the promoted officers and selfless service to the nation,

she stressed the need for promoted officers to work in line with the vision of CGC Ali Hameed, in contributing to economic growth and development in Nigeria.

She also urged them to take up the new rank promoted to with all zeal and vigour, adding that it is no longer work as usual but an added responsibilities.

Meanwhile the decoration ceremony was witnessed by family’s and friend’s of the newly promoted officers.


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