Miracle Water Springs Up At CAC Oke Agbara, Ikotun.


It is another mystery as the pastorate and members of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Calvary Cry and Miracle Ministry (CCMM), Mountain of Power woke up to discover a spring of water inside the church auditorium on the 13th December, 2019.

The church which is located at 6/8, Elder Oluwatosin Close, Off Ezenwa Street, Adams Estate, behind Ikotun market, Lagos, woke up to the wonders after seven months of marathon morning prayers.

The location of the spring water which is at the centre of the church, has no history of swamp, neither is there any water pipe that passes through the place but has been a source of joy to numerous people who have used the water.

The prophet invited engineers to help find out the possible cause of the spring but they were amazed too.

This miracle happened only in the Bible or heard as a history. But on 12th of December 2019 God manifested His power as it had happened in the days as of old

Meanwhile, the prophet of the church, Prophet Elijah Oluwasegun Isedowo had prophesied sometimes this year that there would be a spring in the church but did not specify the actual time.

The church has been having early morning programme since May this year which climaxed into miracle water as the year goes to end.

The water has been performing diverse miracles in the lives of members of the church and visitors alike through healing and blessings of money.

Among the miracles done by the water so far was instant healing of a woman with epilepsy, healing of a woman of fibroid, among other significant miracles.

The epileptic woman was said to have been seized by the ailment inside a commercial bus on her way from Arakeji to Lagos.

Luckily for her, a member of the church was in the bus with a bottle of the miracle water and she quickly gave her some to drink which led to her vomitting instantly.

As the vehicle moved further, she was pressed and asked the driver to stop for her to defecate and behold, she defecated lizard.

Another woman testified that as she touched her navel with the water, she was healed of fibroid which came out of her private part shortly after touching the water.

A woman who had gone for operations on her eyes but still could not see, touched her blind eyes with the water and regained her sight.

Numerous members of the church members have also testified to blessing of God after rubbing the water on their hands.

Some said they received unexpected bank alerts on their phones from individuals they weren’t expecting favour from.

The prophet who expressed shock at the appearance of the water has called on people to come and benefit from the virtues of God through the water.

The water has served as source of solution to spiritual problems of many who have been taking it.

As a result, Prophet Isedowo has called on sick people and those who have been battling spiritual problems to take advantage of the free water to get solutions to their problems.


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