New APM Terminal Country Manager Ignorant – Aniebonam


Dr Boniface Okechukwu Aniebonam,  founder of National Association Of Government Approved Freight Forwarder (NAFAFF) ,  has said that the newly appointed Country Managing Director of APM terminal is speaking out of ignorance over port congestion issue. 

Dr Aniebonam said this during an interview with some media men in his office earlier today, he disclosed that  the Ports system has collapse and that nothing is working in the ports.

Recalled that the new APMT  country manager, Mr  Klaus  Laursen has disclosed,  during his maiden visit to the Nigerian Shippers’ Council Executive Secretary/ CEO, Barr. Hassan Bello yesterday, has accused  Freight forwarders for been the cause of congestion at the terminal as a result of their   not coming forward  to clear their containers, which  he said has contributed in no small way to the back up of ships on Nigeria’s territorial waters

Meanwhile, Dr Aniebonam said the system collapse has led to freight forwarders suffering with no visible ending. 
He hinted that  the APMT boss is not properly briefed  on  the workings in the ports and  said  he  should have studied  the working of the Nigerian Maritime industry, pay courtesy visits to NAGAFF and ANLCA, before making such unguided statement.

The NAGGAF founder who said that the country manager is talking from a point of ignorance accused Terminal Operators and Shipping companies of frustrating stakeholders with none to regulate them.
While advising the Nigeria Shoppers’ Council to enforced  their powers for defaulters to comply, he did not fail to commended them for all their efforts , but said they need .
Mr Klaus Laursen ,  during his visit to NSC, alsi disclosed that  APMT plans to optimize haulage at its terminal by implementing an electronic platform for truck management. 
He said discussions on this are ongoing with Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).He added that the terminal issues, Terminal Delivery Orders ( TDO) online  payments, invoicing and a range of other services are also available online so that Freight Forwarders don’t need to be physically present at their terminal to make payments.


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