Woman Police Officer Offers COVID-19 Palliatives To Lagos Communities


The Divisional Police officer, Aswani division in Lagos, CSP Oyin Frances, recently set a golden trend as another challenging feat, when she dolled out thousands of  packs of palliative items which were strategically distributed. The packs which contained sanitizer, hand wash and packs of noodles were conveyed in a bus and shared within Aswani communities where her station lies, Okota and Area ‘F’ police Barracks.

CSP Oyin’s Largesse did not end with sharing those prevention and  safety products, as she also specifically distributed packs of cooked food and packs of raw beans to widows. 

 Her distinctive approach which she code -named COVID-19. OUTREACH was used to preach to the residents to ensure social distancing, to wear face masks, wash and sanitize hands regularly with 80% alcohol based sanitizers etc, assuming them that collective prevention and care which will help defeat corona virus pandemic and help return our once safe environments.

CSP Oyin also shared customized vests to many others as a socially responsible Senior police officer who believe in the peace and safety of the people.

A beneficiary of this charitable gesture, a middle-age women, when talking to some journalists who stormed the venue, expressed delight and noted that it was the first time this kind of gesture came from a police angel.

Responding to questions from media men, Oyin said that whatever anyone does well is a function of divine enablement. She also said that whoever finds delight in giving, even out of his or her little resources, does God’s work and surely makes the world a better place.


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