Trade Facilitation : PTML Command Records 79% Of 2020 Revenue Target, Over 151 Metric Tons Of Export Goods.


The Port and Terminal Multiservices Limited (PTML) Command of Nigeria Customs Service, designed to handle Roll-on-Roll-off cargo of vehicles, machinery and equipment  generated a total revenue of One hundred and eighty nine billion, three hundred and forty seven million, five hundred and sixty five thousand, three hundred and nine naira (N189,347,565,309) between the period of January through December 2020.

The amount generated represents 79% of the revenue target of Two hundred and thirty eight billion, two hundred and twenty four million, nine hundred and twenty thousand, thirty eight naira, eighty eight kobo (N238,224,920,038.88) set for the Command by the service for the year under review.

This indicate an increase of Thirty billion, eleven million, eighty seven thousand, one hundred and sixteen naira (N 30,011,086,116) when compare with the total revenue generated in the previous year 2019, which stood at one hundred and fifty nine billion, three hundred and thirty six million, four hundred and seventy eight thousand, one hundred and ninety three naira (N159,336,478,193). This represent an increase of nineteen percent (19%).

Speaking to news men at the Command on Tuesday, the Area Controller, Comptroller Festus Okun disclosed that year 2020 was a successful year for the command, considering their accomplishment in the discharge of service core mandates of revenue generation, facilitation of legitimate trade, anti-smuggling activities and national security.

Comptroller Okun hinted that the command handled export goods with a total tonnage of One hundred and fifty one thousand, nine hundred and thirty eight (151,938) metric tons, with a total Free On Board (FOB) value of One hundred and seventeen billion, three hundred and thirty seven million, two hundred and  thirty four thousand, six hundred and sixty six naira, sixty seven kobo (117, 337, 234, 666.67) .

While speaking on the command Anti-smuggling activities, Okun disclosed that the command in the year  under review made its first seizures in about six year. The seizure comprise of 6x20ft containers of idole lightening soap and lotion with DPV of two hundred and eighty seven million, nine thousand, seven hundred and forty five naira (N287,009,745.00).

He added that the seizure was made based on contravention of extant laws, as soap is listed under Schedule 111 of the Common External Tarrif ( CET) Import Prohibition. The lotion on the other hand was falsely declared as bean seeds.

Speaking on inter agency collaboration and National security, Okun said ” The command attached so much importance to the issue of national security, hence our officers carefully conduct physical examination of cargo to make sure that all importations are done in strict compliance with extant laws, especially in the are of compliance with regulatory requirements for controlled items.

“It is on record that a very robust relationship exist among the various government agencies operating in the Command. These are agencies like the Nigeria Police, NDLEA, NAFDAC, SON, NESREA, among others. We have effectively functioned as the lead agency towards ease of doing business in the port”

He added that engaging stakeholders was one of the key thing the command gave attention during the period under review. Constant meetings  were held with critical stakeholders while proffering solutions to issues affecting various segments of the supply chain.
The command boss hinted that the stakeholders engagement served as a platform through which compliance was preached and feedback received, which enables the command operate in an atmosphere conducive for trade and accomplishment of service goal.

Okun however disclosed that the command could have done more in its revenue generation for the year under review if not for the effect of the pandemic and other few challenges. “One of the greatest challenges faced by humanity in the year 2020 was the Covid-19 pandemic, hence, ours was not an exception.
” Due to the various safety protocols put in place by various organs of government at both local and international levels to curtail the rate of infection, we could not perform at our optimal level during the year. All due to the shutdown of some sectors of the economy in some countries around the world, there was a sort of disequilibrium in the system.
“The poor state of the access roads to the port and the accompanying gridlock impacted negatively on the turnaround time for the movement of cargo outside the port, and movement of export cargo into the port.
” Furthermore, movements of officers and other and other stakeholders were largely affected , leading to loss of man hour. Also, there were cases if our personnel being involved in avoidable accidents” he said.

He highlighted other challenges faced to include the volatile nature of the environment, which they were able to control with effective stakeholders engagement 

He pointed  the issue of 100% physical examination of containerized cargo as another challenge due to absence of scanners in the port. “We are hopping that this will soon be a thing of the past once the E-Customs project is fully implemented” he added.

Comptroller Okun however express the command appreciation to the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd)  and his management team for the support enjoyed, their inspiring leadership and direction.


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