How Adeyanju Transformed Dock Labour In Four Years – Committee Of District Chairmen


As the elections into National executives council of the Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria (MWUN) draws near, the committee of District Chairmen, Dockworkers branch has said that they unanimously endorsed second term of Prince Adewale Adeyanju as the President General of the union.

They said this on the heels of the several achievements of the MWUN boss who has within his four years as PG transformed dock work in all Nigerian ports including welfare of workers.

The committee of District chairmen include; Comrade Bolaji Agbooola of Apapa District 1, Comrade Tunde Balogun, Apapa District 3, Comrade Wasiu Ola, Tincan District 3, Comrade Wole Adetunmobi, Tincan District 2, Comrade Sharafa Oguntoyinbo, Tincan District 1 and Comrade Moses Osagie, Apapa District 2.

Speaking to our correspondent on Friday in Lagos, ahead of the election,which comes up in March 2021, they added that the footprints of the Adeyanju leadership can never be erased from the sand of the maritime industry in Nigeria.

The District officials stated that apart from the fact that Comrade Adeyanju has surpassed his campaign promise, he has achieved for the workers what nobody had done before him.

While declaring support for the second term bid of Adeyanju, they said he had done so much that nobody would want him replaced.

According to them, the present MWUN administration under the control of the PG has touched the lives of all members of the Dockworkers through improved welfare package negotiation with their employers.

They added that the peace enjoyed in the ports, especially when MWUN election approaches was a testimony of a good leadership.

Referring to PG as a light in the industry, they maintained that before now, there was no structure for Dockworkers but as a former president of the branch, he used his office to negotiate and get good salary structure for all workers including emoluments.

To them, the MWUN boss deserves another term in office to be able to perfect what he started in his firstvterm saying, if anyone comes in now, it could derail his laudable programs for the workers’welfare.

They also expressed elation over the recent insurance scheme put in place for workers so that they can have something to fall back on after retiring from work.


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