SSASCGOC Commends NPA Measures On E-Call Up System.


The Maritime branch of the Senior Staff Association of Statutory Corporations and Government Owned Companies (SSASCGOC) has laud the move put in place by Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) in introduction of the E-call up system and vowed to assist the management to unmask those frustrating the initiative.

The union disclosed that it has commenced an underground investigations to reveal stakeholders who are bent on frustrating the call up system.

SSASCGOC also commended measures so far put in place by management of the Ports Authority for initiating the E-Call up system.

The union lauded the new initiative during a capacity building program it held for its members in Ilorin Kwara state starting from 29th to 31st March, 2021.

President NPA Branch of SSASCGOC, Comrade Abubakar Abdullahi who expressed optimism and satisfaction on the call up system in furtherance to embracing sanity in the port operations, added that the Innovation had been of tremendous help to port users but according to him, there are some elements trying to frustrate the success of the electronic call up system.

According to him, SSASCGOC
and the sister labour bodies, the Maritime Worker’s Union of Nigeria will synergize to scuttle attempt made by those who are unhappy with the call up system.

He vowed that the union would do all it could to support the success of the system as well as the management of NPA under the leadership of Hajia Bala Usman.

While affirming the union’s commitment to support management of NPA, he noted in his words,that “They have made a very giant stride because it is not an easy job. For over three years now, NPA have been battling with a modality to clear this menace along the road

“There are many groups and security agents in the road but there are many factors that contributed to the gridlock, we are not aportioning blames to anyone but he MD has come.out with a very good platform.

“If you look at the E-Call up system,it is working only that the evil ones are behind trying to make sure it does not work,to frustrate the efforts of NPA management.

“We at NPA SSASCGOC, Maritime, we would not fold our hands, we are working with our sister.

“We are doing something seriously to support our management and when we come out with it, everyone will know we Re working.

“He added that the association iOS working with the management of NPA led by Hajia Bala Usman.

Speaking at the flag off of the three day programme for members of the union, the President disclosed that a total of seventy five personnel from NPA are to be trained on welfare, job efficiency.

He noted the participants were cut across all the ports in Nigeria.

The training which is to last three days would be targeted at developing members to match up with the evolving technology in the maritime industry.

Comrade Abubakar quipped that the training would also enable the participants to live up to expectations in their individual lives and endeavours.

“We have kicked against stagnation of our members after a long,serious battle but the management agreed to reverse it to the day of approvals

“Some were wrongly given stagnation and it is going to be withdrawn and those who are supposed to be given will be given.

“We are able to acquire a four flat property at Obalende and we are going to develop it into two properties, it belongs to the union.

“We are able to acquire this property just one and a half year into our terms in office,” he said


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