We Generates Over N25b Revenue Within 6Weeks In Export Trade – Comptroller Oloyede


The Controller in charge of Tincan Island Command of Nigeria Customs Service, Comptroller Kunle Oloyede has disclosed that since he took over the mantle of leadership of the command six weeks ago, the revenue has improved significantly due to engagement of stakeholders.

Comptroller Kunle Oloyede who stated this recently during the courtesy visit of executives of the Association Maritime Journalists of Nigeria (AMJON) to his office, hinted that the management team of the command have started making moves to lure people back to the command for.imotobed revenue generation.

He said that when compare revenue from the time he came in till present, that the command have recorded over 25 billion extra in export, compared to 24 billion it was before because he has been able to lure back people and convince those into bulk cargo back to Josepdam.

According to the Comptroller ‘ I visited Josepdam today, I told them that my doors are open, the doors of my D.C. enforcement, D.C. in charge of bulk cargo are open”

He also stated that his three points agenda as the Controller.of the command are; discipline, increase in revenue and trade facilitation.

He disclosed to the AMJON Executives that on his resumption at the command, he was given a daily target of N2.5 billion from the N1.5 billion that it used to be before his taking over.

He said, “The revenue as at the time I got here was 1.5b per day, so I was given revenue target of 2.5b per day, and when I had the first parade, I told my officers three key things in no particular order, discipline, increase in revenue and trade facilitation.

“I am also in agreement with the WCO and the WTO article that says for West Africa and Africa generally, we should do low tax and high turn around time. When you have low tax and turn around, the revenue will increase.

Speaking on the controversy over reduction in duty on imported used vehicles, Comptroller Oloyede confirmed the reduction, stating that such move was necessary to check smuggling of cars into the country.

According to the command helmsman l, the duty may drop further because by so doing, smuggling will become unattractive to the people because when critically looked at, its those high values, high rate of duty that allows smuggling through ports.

He added that few days back, the duty of vehicles dropped to 20%, why will new vehicles pay 35% and old vehicles also pay 35% when after giving backwards integration incentives to most of these assembling plants, we don’t have plans that can really satisfy the demands of transport sector.

“I think that is why government in its decision decided to drop the duty, and from grapevine am hearing that there could be further reduction so as to discontinue and make smuggling less lucrative to the perpetrators.

He however admonished journalists on developmental reportage from well informed judgement of issues before going to the press.

He praised the group for carving a niche for itself saying he noticed that there is a difference in their reports.

“I urged you to always ask from both sides before you go to the press, this will give you a very informed judgment about what we are doing.

“When we are contacted, there are certain things we need to correct the impression and there are certain things when we hear it, we need to apologise. We need to bring all parties to round table to solve problems.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet you today because am barely six weeks here.” Comptroller Oloyede said.


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