Tribute: Life Is Summary Of Your Choices



Late Comrade Timothy Olorushola

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has described the life and time of the late Comrade Timothy Olufemi Olorunshola, who until his death was a principled man who believed in service,
community, humanity, and supported many families , friends and colleagues as he struggled along the path of living.

The union in it’s statement titled ” Life is the sum of your Choices” said the late Timothy Olorushola was a friend and comforter, who could be relied on to deliver service at the shortest time.

“For us in the union he was an astute manager of resources, machinery, information and people.
We are grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to spend several years together as partners in the service of humanity.


“We admire him because he was a man who never quits until the job is done.He was a self sacrificing man who is authentic in all of his doings with others, strict to a fault he will broke no nonsense from those insensitive to the plights of the other person.

“We look now and remember with nostalgia and many episodes which were fun filled and memorable. He indeed touched many lives and impacted positively on the character of our union.

“Your sudden exit out of this planet earth has caused an indelible grief in our heart. You left us at a time your wealth of
experience is mostly needed in the union.

Adieu Great Comrade



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