ANLCA Board Appoints New ASECO Chairman


Urge New Chairman, Team To Conduct Credible Election

As the foremost Customs licensed clearing association prepares for its national election this month, Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has appointed a new Chairman of the Association Electoral Committee (ASECO).

The new ASECO chairman, Chief Nze Alloy Igwe who was appointed on Saturday after the BOT and NECOM meeting was sworn in on Monday at the secretariat in Lagos along side the newly addition to the ASECO team, Mr Sanusi Adebayo who is a member from Seme Border chapter of the association.


The appointment was necessitated as a result of the demise of the former chairman; Alloysius Anokwuru Egiagadike amidst preparation for the forth coming national election of the association.

Speaking at the swearing in of the new chairman and the newly added member of the ASECO team, the Acting National President of the association, Dr. Kayode Farinto urged the chairman to work hand in hand with his team as two good heads are better than one.

Dr. Farinto added that the ASECO committee now have 8 good heads that will reason together and they are all CEO’s of company’s, father’s who have been adding value to the association.

He advised them to carry out the electoral process in truth and honesty, knowing fully well that blackmails will come but they must be ready to stand upright in their decision making while taking a critical look at it and collectively reaching an agreed conclusion.


“Don’t collect bribe, if you do it in truth and honesty, nothing said against you will hold water, they will blackmail you but be ready to stand upright in any decision that you will take and that is why before you take any decision you must look at it very well and take a collective decision. Our leaders says two good heads are better than one. We now have 8 good heads and you all are CEO of your company’s, father’s who have added value to this association.

“This ASECO will now give us the timetable of the election, venue and procedures to follow, there is something that is on going in ANLCA now which is a reformation, sanitizing the procedure and process. Gone are the days when non license owners will screen licensed owners because that has been the procedures in the past, in the name of wanting to give our brothers job. We have succeeded in assisting those who needed money, they came to ASECO , bastardized it, collected money from aspirants eventually went away and cause chaos for us.

“I know moving forward, this particular ASECO with the distinguish men that are there will give us a better leadership.
We know their pedigree and we know their antecedents.

“Chief Alloy Igwe has been a back to back chairman, a core member of the association, that is why if you give your house to someone ensure its an insider, who knows the terrain, he knows the procedures and how we have been doing it. If these election is successfully conducted by the grace of God which I know it will be done, we will be getting back out old glory.

“Take it or leave it, it has not been well with our members in the field because we are not united, we are not formidable and speaking from different angles and different voice. If we are able to bring ourselves together now , conduct a credible election then we will be able to face ourselves, moving forward knowing fully well that for any policies to be formulated we must be part of such policy”. Dr Farinto said.

He however urged Chief Alloy to be a servant leader who will carry along his committee members, with a collective responsibilities. ,”Screen out any contestants who are not qualified, heaven will not fall, we must move forward, you do not need any true to say the truth like you need one lie to cover another lie while truth is always sacrosanct

“I wish you and your committee well and I know that you will deliver so that after the election, we will all come together to appreciate the fact that you have move this association forward. Mark my words you have a very sensitive and delicate job giving to you and that is conducting a credible election. I know you will do it and with all your records you will not disappoint us”


Speaking after the sworn in, the newly appointed ASECO chairman, Chief Alloy Nze Igwe promised the association that himself and his committee will deliver and usher in a rebrand ANLCA.

In his words “Today is a great day with lots of mixed feelings because we are still mourning the demise of our colleagues, Alloysius Anokwuru Egiagadike who was a patriot of this association, somebody who has played a great role in the advancement of the association .

“I want to thank the leadership of this association for finding us worthy to come and embark on this very special project for the association. I will not stand here to bore you with a lot of promises but one thing is clear that I have seen it all in this association and having looked at the caliber and pedigree of men put together to run this job I have no doubt that this is an ASECO that will usher in a new great association.

“It is a promise and I want it to be on record that we are going to deliver, as a person I don’t like to make promises but I know I will never fail in all assignments given to me.

“I am a product of this association from the grassroot somebody who has pass all electoral process through election, I am not a novice when it comes to election and it’s procedures and with the help of my colleagues it is a very good assurance that ANLCAs.will see a turning point in our electoral process.

“On this note I want to thank you for the confidence repose on us , I want to thank my colleagues too. We really need your prayers because with God on our side we will surely delivered”. Nze quipped.


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