Kirikiri Lighter Terminal : A Viable Option For Export, Others – Comptroller Bomodi


The Customs Area Controller in charge of Kirikiri Lighter Terminal Command of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Comptroller Timi Bomodi has disclosed that the terminal provides an opportunity both for shipping companies and terminal operators to effectively get their cargoes to their customers.

Comptroller Bomodi disclosed that the way the in-going road to Tincan and Apapa port is crowded with petrol tankers waiting to load even empty containers returning has had a significant effect on their accessibility, to the two major ports.

Bomodi who made this known on Tuesday during a chat with the media hinted that although the congestion affect KLT too but not as bad as it affects the mother ports because it’s a lot easier to come into KLT than it is to get access to Apapa or Tincan which is because of the challenge around managing logistics entry or exit.

He stated that although a lot of solution has been proffer and it can be better but while they are working on the solution , making the two port more effective and efficient , the readymade solution is Kirikiri Lighter Terminal.

According to Comptroller Bomodi, accessibility to Kirikiri Lighter Terminal is a lot better . “You don’t have the delays if you want to come in here just within hours u can get your boxes in and if you want to go out within hours you can get your consignment out. So why can’t we use the space

“The pressure from the mother ports should be taken away by moving cargoes to KLT. Either we are looking at short term or mediium term solutions, kirikiri lighter Terminal provides an opportunity both for shipping companies, terminal operators to effectively get their cargoes to their customers

‘KLT also provides an outlets for shipping companies to retrieve their empty containers , so if shipping companies are to benefit, kirikiri lighter Terminal is a viable options as you can get your boxes out on time and return the empties to be use for exports which also makes it a very viable option for export.

“We do believe that going forward, with the assistance of NPA and other shipping companies they look to KLT as a viable short to medium term solution for the issue of congestion or backlog of containers moving in or out of the major ports. It’s important because ultimately we are looking at options that favours consumers”

He also disclosed that the Command generated the sum of N7.8 billion in the month of July, 2023. Adding that the figure was the first of its kind in the history of the command being a leap from the N3.5 to N3.6 billion that the command used to generate in six months.

He added that the Command is operating at less than ten percent so between January and June, “we have been doing an average of N3.5 to 3.6 billion but remarkably, in July, for the first time in the history of the command, we were able to make N7.8 billion, not because necessarily, there was an increase in output, we tightened our revenue collection mechanism, we made our business processes more efficient.


“In a way, the exchange rate impacted on that too. We are beginning to see an uplift in our collection which is remarkable and we believe that going forward, that will be our new reality.”he said.

He however added that the command has the potentials to increase the revenue generation of the command if the potentials are put into maximum use as the terminal had space that is equivalent to the big commands like Apapa and Tincan but its being unutilised.

He disclosed that Kirikiri terminal has the capacity to handle 6,000 TEUs. “We have phases one to four and other bonded warehouses and all these terminals are functioning at less than ten percent.

“What it means is that between January and June, on the average, we were collecting between N3.5 to N3.6 billion. That means we were performing at less than ten percent but if we are functioning at maximum capacity, which means we will be doing like N30 billion

“We have the space, we have the capacity but we don’t have the containers to make effective use of this space.

“Fortunately, we have a good collaboration with NPA in terms of improving on existing infrastructure, and currently, NPA has done a remarkable work revamping phase 2.

“We asked that it be done because we can’t be talking about attracting shipment to the command if the infrastructure is bad. So, they have improved on the terrain, they have done a lot of work and we applaud them for that,” he quipped.


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