2024 IWD Celebration: WIMA Nigeria Appeals To House Of Rep, Minister Of Marine & Blue Economy, NIMASA, Others To Make Adequate Space For Women In Maritime Indust

“In celebration of the 2024 International Women Day with the theme “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ the Nigeria chapter of Women in Maritime Africa (WIMAfrica- Nigeria)  has gave a clarion call to Maritime industry captains to encourage more of women participation in all aspects of the Blue Economy Policies.
“According to a press statement issued by WIMA Nigeria president, Mrs Rollens Macfoy, International Women’s Day celebration  started in February 28, 1909 and is aimed at creating load ability to loud issues of gender equality, reproductive rights, violence and abuse against women.
 “It provides a platform for collective action and collaboration in advocating for women’s rights and empowerment.  “As we are  reminded that gender parity is still far from being achieved, with the World Economic Forum estimating that it will take over a century for gender equality to be attained.
“International Women’s Day is therefore not just a day to celebrate the achievements of women; But also a call to action for gender equality, hereby encouraging reflection, advocacy, and action to continue breaking down barriers for women and girls around the globe.
“To educate the public on the rights of women and the means of enforcing such rights for the achievement of equality, development and peace.
“Therefore, 2024 IWD  with theme ‘ “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ with  indeed a wonderful one as the team is so inspiring.   Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress & INSPIRE INCLUSION.
“This means a lot to us in WIMA-NIGERIA, as it talies with our aim and objectives as  advocacy to  stop segregation and discrimination against women, when it comes to placement in professionalism, because today’s woman is an embodiment of culture, professionalism &  administration  Hence IWD celebrated every 8th of  March as global day of acknowledging the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.
 “The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Not only does it celebrate the achievements and progress women have made, but it also highlights the ongoing struggles for equality in professionalism and the need for continued advocacy and action to achieve this worldwide .
“WIMA-NIGERA  therefore as an association  base of Female Maritime  Professionals in Nigeria, and the first and only association championing Blue Economy in Nigeria in the last 8 years, and have been  the voice campaigning for the right placement & promotion of women as well as the abolishment of female discrimination of on professionalism.  We  cooperate & collaborate with other international bodies to advocate  for Nigerian women in the Maritime Sector, while maintaining mainstream participation in all aspects of the Blue Economy, Policies.
” We are also advocates of General Maritime Awareness, Human Capacity Building and Entrepreneurial Development for women.
“In the light of this, we use this opportunity of 2024 IWD celebration to  appeal to the captains of the industry in Nigeria to be intentional in the employment, proper placement and promotion of women in the industry.
“We also use this opportunity to appeal to the House of Representatives and the Minister of Marine & Blue Economy to expressly recognise this association and her aims and objectives and  harken to our plea and create, make space for women in this industry, especially in the technical aspect.
 “As it is appalling and very regrettable to know that less than 2% of women professionals  are employed in this industry,  in Nigeria while thousands of  professionaly qualified Maritme Women are out there roaming the streets with no one to employ them because they are women.
 “Emphasis here is on the female Seafarers the technical experts as it is termed that maritme is only for men. We therefore appeal to the House Representatives, NIMASA and the Minister of Marine & Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola, CON, to look into this and create an enablement  in this regard.   This is why we say that this year’s theme is very inspiring and comforting to women in the maritme industry.
“It is worthy of note, however, that WIMA-NIGERIA is an embodiment of women professionals in the industry with time tested experience on assignments in areas of Maritime/Admiralty law, Crew Management,  Maritme logistics & chain supply, Ship Chandelling, Shipping operations, Vessel Owners, jetty and container terminal owners, specialists in Maritime Arbitration &  other Marime trainings, vessel Captains & chief Engineers, specilist also in  Cabotage and Maritime Labour mediation and ship registry, as well as Maritime Consultantancy.
” These are rooted technocrats desiring to unleash their potential & shatter the glass ceiling after having  studied  in the world’s best universities and maritime schools.
 “For this reason, we are not beggers but great value to the Nigerian marime industry and world economy at large. As we all know  that shipping & Maritme today houses about 90% of the world’s economy.  THEREFOR, THIS EMPLOYMENT REQUEST IS OUR CIVIC, ECONOMIC & LEGAL RIGHT, WHICH SHOULD BE AN INCLUSION IN WORLD EMPLOYMENT INDUSTRY
“We therefore urge Nigerian government and Maritime authorities and the world at large to rise to the great challenge and join United Nations to  encouraged women  to greater heights & celebrate women in totality” She quipped.


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