Standards Organization Of Nigeria: We Are Fully Equipped To Carry Out Calibration Of All Equipment In Nigeria. – Engr Obayi


The Director of National Metrology Institute of Standards Organization of Nigeria, Engr Bede Obayi has disclosed the readiness of the Organization to calibrate equipment used in industries and factories so as to ensure standards of products.

Engr. Obayi who disclosed this in a chat with news men hinted that the National Metrology Institute of Nigeria represents Nigeria in all matters of scientific and industrial metrology and so the highest accuracy standards of measurement in Nigeria are traceable to the National Metrology Institute of Nigeria which is situated in Enugu.

Obayi explained that metrology is the science of measurements and it ensures that all the national quality infrastructure for Nigerian economic development stand out.

That means for every component of the infrastructural projects to stand, measurements must be accurate, measurements must be traceable to the highest level of measurement instruments in Nigeria and these are stored in the National Metrology institute

He explained that the National Metrology Institute of Nigeria has the capacity to handle measurements in the areas of mass and related quantities such as pressure, volume, temperature, metrology in chemistry, electrical measurements, dimensions, lengths, acoustics, ironizing radiation and all the other parameters that can help Nigeria achieve economic development of the nation.

According to Obayi, “The National Metrology Institute of Nigeria is there to help industries grow, to help governments grow, to help Nigerians have value for their money whenever they are carrying out purchases, contractual agreements and carrying out measurements in practice.

“The standards organization of Nigeria is proud to equip the National Metrology Institute of Nigeria to serve Nigerians in these areas of measurement.

“And that is why the federal government has directed that all weight bridges that are on the high way in Nigeria and the sea ports and other entry points in Nigeria are properly calibrated by the Standards Organization of Nigeria.

“Those that are used for measurement in industries such as steel factories, cement factories and all the other products where measurements are carried out, be it in pressure, be them in mass and all other parameters that are to be measured .

“SON through the National Metrology Institute of Nigeria has the capacity to carry out proper measurement that are traceable to highest level of accuracy standards that are presently in stock at the National Metrology Institute of Nigeria in Enugu” He said.

He however spoke on the importance of calibrating the equipment “As you are aware that the Director General of Standards Organization of Nigeria had a stakeholders forum with the steel manufacturers association of Nigeria where he directed them to ensure that all their equipment and measuring instruments are properly calibrated to ensure that products coming out of the steel factories complied with the specifications of the standards for the products.

“So it is no longer business as usual. Its either you calibrate your equipment and instrument properly or you get out of business or SON will prosecute you and the law will take its cause on you.

“SON is ready and fully equipped to carry out calibration of those equipment used in the manufacturing of these steel reinforcement bars.

“SON has acquired the latest measuring instruments to ensure compliance with standards. All the weight bridges , universal tensile testing machines, optical emission spectrometers (OES) used in the determination of the properties and weight of these products before they go out of the factories must be properly calibrated so that there will be equity in business.

“The products will not fall short of the requirements of the standards and the consumers will get value for their money, the manufacturers will be happy that they have given their products that will meet the requirements of the standards organization of Nigeria and that means that Nigerians will be happy to use these products to build structures that will stand the test of time, to stem the incidences of collapse buildings and grow the economy of this country” Engr Obayi quipped.


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