20,000 Illegal Migrants Deported From Libya by IRITEI IMOTONGHA


More than 20,000 illegal migrants who had been trapped while trying to cross from Libya through the Mediterranean Sea to Europe had been repatriated.

According to the Libya Foreign Minister, Mohammed Taha Sale, stated that the number of illegal migrants have reduced to a very low rate, as compared to the other years. He said the Libya government is trying to reduce this illegal exodus by calling on other sister African countries to encourage their citizens to stay back home.

He explained that the Libya government is in a very difficult situation as the country has a coast line of over 4,000 kilometres of sour line, “we are trying to discourage these illegal migrant by stepping up our border and coastline patrols, but we still need the cooperation of other African leaders to discourage their citizen from embarking on these “desperate journey”.

And according to Amnesty international, they said they are shocked by the migrants situation.

Our investigation reveals that most of the illegal migrants are mostly from Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea among others.

Most of them are classified as economic migrants, who are said to be seeking greener pasture abroad, while other are said to be fleeing from violent conflict and political persecutions among others.

It would be recalled that the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) has engaged the service of some local witch doctors in Edo State, asambassadors to help fight human trafficking.

According to the (NAPTIP) Director-General Ms Julie Okah Donli, revealed that Edo State is said to be the leading State with the highest rate of human trafficking and that the business is said to be organized by some criminal gangs operating within the State.

However, a top official of the Edo State government revealed that the State government would do everything to prevent illegal migration and human trafficking from the state.


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