Contraband Tyres Responsible For 5,288 Road Accident – IRITEI IMOTONGHA



The continuous use of contraband tyres across the country has led to 5,288 road accidents in Nigeria

Mr. Osita Aboloma, the Director-General (DG) of the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) made this revelation to news men recently. He stated that since the collapse of local tyre manufacturers such as Dunlop and Michelin, the market has opened access to illegal tyre importation, as such substandard and expired now flood our markets.

He stated that these expired tyre products are brought into the country by overzealous businessmen, who compromise on quality and standard on monetary gains to the expense of lives.

“Do you know tyres have expiration dates and for these fairly used tyres were made for climates with a different weather and temperature and then burst when exposed to the heat of tropical region like Nigeria.

The SON boss warned that, the Organization would step up fight against this menace.


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