ANLCA Crisis : Enough Is Enough, We Are Supporting Nwabunike, NECOM Moves To Succeed. – Prince Ozo, Oyeakachi Odinaka


In support and solidarity to the National leadership of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) and the President, Hon. Iju Tony Nwabunike, two prominent members of the ANLCA, Prince Ozo Chukwura and Oyeakachi Odinaka ( Alhaji Sule) have vowed to support the present NECOM of ANLCA to Succeed.
Both  made their declarations known to  some journalists yesterday during the solidarity visit to  the ANLCA President and his NECOM by two stakeholders group, the Muritala Mohammed International Airport Chapter of ANLCA and the Oganiru- Igbo, a  Pan- Igbo extraction of Customs Brokers from Airport at the association’s national Secretariat in Lagos State.
Prince Ozo Chukwura, who is also the Auditor  General of ANLCA, when asked the purpose of the yesterday’s gathering said “without missing words, we have this lingering  crises in NECOM since they came into power, because of some selfish issues with some people. But we thank God  the issues have been put to rest and many of them have come to  terms with the reality on ground.
” The NECOM  is back on course to carry on the mandate of the people given to them, work on those mandates and achieve goals. So, many people  from MMIA (Muritala Mohammed International Airport  Chapter) came today. The Igbo section came today to pay a solidarity visit to the President of ANLCA and the NECOM in general. While we have come to welcome them and the need  to join their brothers to pass a  Vote of Confidence on the  NECOM.
On his appeal to the key factors of the ANLCA crises, Ozo said ” I have personally been on the side of the President when the crises started, definitely you must  be either in this side or the other side. I am on the side of the President. But you know  the side our brothers are, they are equally our members and brothers . So anytime there is quarrel in a family everybody should eschew some cautions in taking some decisions. I have personally gone round, asked anybody in ANLCA. I can mention names, have met Taiwo Mustapha twice, have met Taiye Oyeniyi, have met Ofobike, have met Segun Odutan,  trying to  talk to them to see a way to reach a truce and I won’t tell you lie , many of them agreed on what we can do to achieve peace.
” But , you know, you can take a decision now, but before the next hours a friend, your wife etc. can advice otherwise. This is  what we are seeing playing out, and when the President started to forgive everybody that have offended him, some where saying they never recognised him as President and so on and so forth, because they lost out in the elections.I was one of the first person that stood my ground that they should be forgiven. He cannot be a factional President, he has to be the President of everybody. 
“So some people were saying all sort of things , but I said like the Biblical Prodigal Son who took his wealth and left, while the father was celebrating his return, the son in the house was saying I have been here , you never do this kind of thing  to me .Meanwhile, he did not know how the father felt when the lost child came back. So the issues we have with them, when you have brothers and sisters who are not with you and eventually they came back to you, welcome them and show that they are highly welcome. But, if they decide to move away for the second  time. Have heard of the Prodigal son move out once, I have not heard of the second time”.
Moving forward and expectations from the great ANLCA, Ozo said ” If the going is tough, the tough keeps going. If you are trying to carry somebody if there is a war, the person at least will manage  to hook your neck. So that you can run with him. But when the person starts foot dragging , pulling you back, the tendency and the least you can do is to allow him to stay where he is. 
” The issue now is that if you want the President of ANLCA, Hon. Tony Nwabunike Iju to run this present association now that God has bestowed on him the leadership on his head, we are with you. But if your idea is to run him down, to delay his government, to whittle down whatsoever he is doing, then you are an enemy. And once you are a friend to my enemy, you are not my friend. Even a better enemy to my enemy is my friend. So, I cannot accept anybody that is an enemy to Tony Nwabunike and his government, he  is my enemy. Clear words, underlined words. There is no ambiguity. If you are his friend, you are my  friend, if you are his enemy, you are my enemy.”

On his part, Chief Oyeakachi   Odinaka     ( Alhaji Sule) another prominent member of ANLCA and strong supporter of the present NECOM when asked why the huge crowd at the ANLCA national Secretariat, he has this to say ” the Airport members and stakeholders  of ANLCA came to show their solidarity to the President, followed by the Igbos. They  came to show the President that they are all with him despite all the odds in ANLCA.  Despite  the fight and antagonism from every areas of ANLCA.
“So we are happy that they are here and by the grace of God, the President will finish his first tenure and go for the second term. Nothing and nobody will stop him. “
On why they are supporting the President and his caution to those on the  other side of the divide, he said. ‘The President has made a lot of peaceful moves. At least some people were on suspension before now, he wave it. He had series of meetings with them, even when showing them peace, they were showing the other side of them. Court cases everywhere. Ok, what are their reasons of the Court cases? they won’t come out openly.What are you going to court for? Why can’t you come and let’s sit down as ANLCA members to dialogue, if there is any area you don’t like, if there is any area you are aggrieved, you open it up.
” This man was elected in Enugu, all of you were there, the former President, Olayiwola Shittu handed over to him. The board had their own election, which is not our business, is between them. So the board shouldn’t bring whatsoever concerns them to the NECOM. And their tenure has expired. So, we don’t have anything like board for now.”
On the peaceful way  of resolving the crises, Alhaji Sule said ” if you were in this  meeting , the President still preach peace, he is still a man of peace. He is still reaching out to them, calling and pleading with them. So what do they  want the man to do?. Do they want his head and his blood? We are saying, enough is enough. So what ever they want, where ever they want to go, power belongs to God and not human beings.”


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