Court Was Misinformed With Forged Letter – Adewusi

Prince Bamigbala Adewusi Chairman, MM Cargo Chapter


The chairman of Muritala Mohammed Cargo Airport Command of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Prince Bamigbala Adewusi has disclosed that the judgement delivered by Federal High court, Lagos in favour of Bola Ashiru was so as a result of the forged letter he tendered.

Prince Adewusi disclosed that the whole issue started after the 2022 chapter election which brought him in as the chairman with 21 votes against Bola Ashiru who participated in the same election but lost.

He stated that Ashiru had went to court to challenge his victory with an alleged forged letter of disqualification which he obtained from the former Chairman of ASECO, Raymond Oyimba.

In his words ” Ashiru claimed that I was disqualified by the former ASECO Chairman, Raymond Oyimba who never served me a copy of the letter, nor the ANLCA board who supervises the election.

“He was unceremoniously removed at the thick of the election before the late Aloy Anukwru was later appointed as ASECO Chairman who later conducted the Airport Chapter election which brought me into power”. Adewusi said.

“The said letter according Ashiru was given to him by the former Chairman of ASECO, stating that I was disqualified, meanwhile the procedure of disqualification is for the affected candidate to be served letter by the ASECO and not his opponent, the letter was not given to me, the BOT and the NECOM also confirmed that no letter was given to them, this means that the letter remains forged, and Ashiru who took it to court must tell us why it is given to only him.


“This so called letter was used by the Judge to pass their judgement and this is unknown to me. All I know is that Oyimba did not serve me that letter, and I am not aware of any disqualification

Prince Adewusi explained further that he put two of his Customs licenses on the receipt that was used to purchase his nomination form for the election which was supposed to be conducted in 2018, but lingered for some years due to the crisis in the association.

He added that at 2018 when he used his license, it was perfect with nothing been wrong with it, not until 2019 that it was hacked with some others.“Based on the directive of the National President, all the affected licenses were submitted to the National Secretariat for reclaim, and the money they asked us to pay, I paid it all. So, the national was aware of it.

“When they were talking about our elections in 2020, I wrote to the National Secretariat that I have another license that I can use for the election, nobody queried me, and I changed the license to Batolab Investments, the National instructed ASECO on what to do, this was even before election. The letter to Introduce the new company was also written before the sack of the former ASECO Chairman and he had nothing against it.

“The new ASECO also saw all the documents and they gave me clearance because I am more than qualified. When the election list came out, my name came out on Batolab Investments, not on the other license, Ashiru did not go to court to query it then until after he lost the election before saying that my license is not qualified”, Prince Adewusi explained.


Adewusi disclosed that he still remain the chapter Chairman of Muritala Mohammed Cargo Airport Command , adding that he got the court judgement through their WhatsApp platform and was never served to him but his lawyer briefed him properly that the judgement was passed based on a forged letter.


He added that he has briefed his lawyer to go to Appeal Court based on the Judgement and everything has been done and sent to the National headquarters of the association as well.


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