VibrantPay Moves To Assist Nigerians In Benefiting From Fast.Cashless Transactions.



Adeniran Olusegun Tokunbo,
CEO, CEO Vibrant Branding

As Nigeria seeks to accelerate its growth as a cashless society, an Online-To-Offline (O2O) mobile platform, VibrantPay has said it is supporting restaurants and offline retailers to offer convenient mobile payments that aim to help them grow their businesses by rewarding customers.

VibrantPay , Africa’s leading food & beverage app, is supporting Nigeria’s growth as a smart nation by making it easier for restaurants and offline retailers to offer cashless payment options and reward customers through VibrantPay, Vibrant Branding’s newly launched mobile payments platform. With a viral growing subscribers already in Nigeria , VibrantPay is now readily available for Nigeria’s to begin adopting mobile payments. It is now accepted at over 150 outlets.

In a news release by Adeniran Olusegun Tokunbo, CEO Vibrant Branding, merchants across Nigeria initially adopted VibrantPay as a way to improve customer service and enhance its customer rewards programme.

However, the VibrantPay-linked sales -at-a-glance tools are proving to be just as valuable.

His words, “We are pleased to be part of Nigeria move to a smart, cashless nation. VibrantPay is easy to set up and the transaction process has been fast and problem-free from day one. From an operational point of view, we appreciate real-time transaction reports and detailed statement of account reports, which provide insights that we can use to refine our loyalty programmes and other marketing efforts,” said Mr Adeniran Olusegun Tokunbo , Ceo Vibrant Branding.

To use VibrantPay, consumers simply need to open their existing VibrantPay webapp and pay with Merchants Payment Email Address at the participating restaurant or offline retailer before entering the total bill amount and confirming. Customers who use VibrantPay earn cashback of up to 30%, which they can redeem anytime.

“For merchants, VibrantPay is hassle-free as Vibrant Branding will provide them with a proprietary dashboard called Vibrant -Sales -At-A-Glance that will allow them to get real time reporting, monitor performance as well as receive direct customer feedback.

“Deploying VibrantPay to help restaurants and retailers succeed is one of the pillars of Vibrant Branding’s business model. Together with Squad , we provide fast and easy cashless mobile payments that support retailers in reaching out to new and return customers and delivering seamless service that tech-savvy Nigerians are looking for.

“Enabling retailers to benefit from low cost mobile payments is important to smart financial inclusion. VibrantPay is uniquely positioned to help both merchants and customers benefit from fast, cashless transactions.”

“To enhance consumer adoption, VibrantPay is unique because besides being a cashless payment service, it also provides cashback of up to 30% that customers can save. This has accelerated customer adoption at a rate of 50% week on week, as proven by our thousands of VibrantPay users since our introduction in mid-May,” Mr Tokunbo added.


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